Avaia entered the retail jewelry market in 2006.  As of 2009 we have expanded into the wholesale market offering quality jewelry at the best prices to be found.  Our current wholesale focus is on quality, organic body jewelry.  We are a registered importer/exporter in Ontario, Canada, but sell our products around the world.  Most of our customers are in the US.

Avaia is proud to offer the finest jewelry at prices that can not be beat. Feel free to shop around. If the same item of equal quality is found in any retail store for less money in Canada, we will happily match the price.

Wholesale customers can maximize profits as we work directly with the artisans creating the products. You avoid a middle man and can pass the savings on to your customers in a competitive market. Our artisans pay attention to detail as they value our business, hence top quality is what you receive.  We ship worldwide.

Size matters. When it comes to body jewelry, we know that receiving the correct size is important. We examine all our items before shipping to be certain they fit within the indicated size or gauge and meet our high quality standards.

We stand behind our products and believe customer service is the hallmark of a good business. Enjoy your shopping experience at www.avaiartisticjewelry.com

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