Tribal Ear Weights – the ancient practice of ear stretching is not a fad.

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Ear stretching is not a fad.  Throughout history, many cultures have practiced earlobe stretching as a sign of beauty and status.  King Tut himself had stretched ear lobes as visualized in his burial mask.

ImageEar weights are associated with many African and Asian Tribal cultures.  Borneo tribes, including the Dayak and Iban, adorned their ears with brass and metal weights. 

The woman in the photograph above is a Native Iban woman showing the tribal tattooing and ear lobe stretching that is becoming less common today among the native tribes, but has exploded as a trend (to a lesser extreme) among the Western world..

The photo above is of a young Dayak girl from Borneo stretching her ear lobes.   In times past, villages would have ceremonies and give title to the most beautiful woman of the village.  A major requirement to having this prized title bestowed on a woman would be having the most extremely stretched ear lobes.

Many ear weights were artistic and beautiful, often representing creatures of their spiritual beliefs.

Mythical Asos

Fertility God

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