The Art of the Indonesian Carved Ear Gauges for Stretched Piercings

Gold with Ruby Indonesian Ear Plugs from the 14th Century

A 14th Century, Gold, Ear plug  from Indonesia.  This exquisite ear plug is set with a ruby.  It was designed to be worn by women of the upper class of society.

There is a long history of stretching in most of Southeast Asia.  The intricate work of artisans was revelled by the upper crust of society.  Materials such as gold and precious stones served as status symbols.

Today,  skilled Artisans still use techniques passed down from their ancestors to hone beautiful ear gauges from natural materials.    Avaia Artistic Jewelry has an excellent selection of ear gauges for stretched piercings that are crafted in Indonesia.  We  practice fair trade and ecologically sound harvesting methods for our products.

~ by avaiaartisticjewelry on July 1, 2012.

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