Horn carved organic ear gauges and plugs

The talents of Indonesian and Thai carvers are hard to rival in the world of body jewelry.  Water buffalo horn is often a material crafted into interesting horn tunnels, plugs or hanging ear gauge body jewelry.

Water buffalo horn comes in colours of black, brown, swirled marble, and golden.  The material is readily available for local carving and fairly easy to carve.  Horn jewelry has properties that make it an ideal choice for body jewelry.  As an organic jewerly material, it breathes, reducing odours.  It can also handle water exposure better than many materials such as wood. 

Tunnels and plugs are crafted on a lathe, an instrument that rapidly turns the item so that is can be carved with a blade.  They can further be adorned with bone dust inlay, jewels, stones, or any variety of materials. 

For the hanging styles of earrings, a template is laid out on the material, which has already been cut to straighten the pieces.  The template is cut out with saws and then polished smooth.

Horn jewelry is growing in popularity.  There are a wide range of choices in jewelry, it is an affordable material, and the durable nature of horn will allow the user to enjoy their purchase for many years.

Avaia Artistic Jewelry offers a large selection of  horn ear gauges and other jewelry.  Please visit www.avaiaartisticjewelry.com to see our wonderful selection.

~ by avaiaartisticjewelry on June 17, 2010.

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