Mahogany obsidian stone gauge plugs

Mahogany obsidian plugs

Mahogany obsidian large gauge stone plugs

Mahogany obsidian stone plugs are a volcanic silica stone of the obsidian family, which includes other common stones such as snowflake obsidian, rainbow obsidian and apache tears.  It is a beautiful natural glass that takes a high polish.    The colour is dark red with darker inclusions which is brought about by the high iron content.  Mahogany obsidian has been used by ancient cultures and valued for its beauty.  Native Americans and the Incas used it in jewelry making as well as the design of arrowheads and spears.    It was also used in the stone ages in various parts of the world including Greece as a stone ideally suited for crafting weapons. 

Mahogany obsidian is known as “the stone of purity”.  It is a protective stone and enhances positive outlooks.   Today, many people wear mahogany obsidian to relieve stress and to allow positive energy channels to open up.

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