Iron tiger stone gauge ear plugs

Tiger Iron stone plugs, also called Iron Tiger or Mugglestone take a beautiful polish showing off nature’s artistry.  This is a difficult stone to work because of the three minerals that comprise it vary greatly in their physical properties.  Tiger Iron is billions of years old and is composed of tiger eye, hematite and red jasper.  Only experienced lapidaries can work this stone to show off its potential.  

Colours flash gold, red, bronze and silver.  Anyone seeing a well polished Tiger Iron piece of jewelry will take note of the exceptional colour display it reflects, even in low light.   

Tiger Iron is valued for its grounding and balancing properties.   It has protective value and can bring out artistic abilities and enhance creativity.  Tiger Iron is known for providing strength, endurance and confidence.

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~ by avaiaartisticjewelry on May 31, 2010.

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