Red tigers eye gauge ear plugs

Red tigers or tiger eye gauge ear plugs have a special play on light that far surpasses that of yellow tigers eye.  They are subtle until light strikes them, then WOW.  We’ve had an increasing interest in our red tiger eye plugs as our quality and prices can not be surpassed.  Currently, we offer these double flare plugs in sizes 6g to 1 1/4″ 

Red Tiger Eye is known spiritually for enhancing physical energy. this stone can help create healthy lifestyle patterns including those involved in exercise and eating.  Words associated with it include grounding, optimism, energetic, passionate, vibrant, healthy.

Tigers eye is a member of the quartz group of stones and is primarily found in South Africa.  Although red tigers eye can be found naturally, it is often created  through a gentle heating process of yellow tigers eye.


~ by avaiaartisticjewelry on May 8, 2010.

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  1. Nice info and even cooler products!

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