How to repair spiral or hanging styles of horn ear gauges that have warped.

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This is the fourth installation of blogs on jewelry care specific to organics hosted by Avaia Artistic Jewelry. One common problem that can occur with horn jewelry items is warpage. Horn warps when either the horn was not properly dried prior to carving and then was shipped to the customer before the moisture content stabilized, or is due to exposing horn jewelry to moisture. You should never shower or get horn jewelry wet. Having said that, not all is lost and you may be able to repair the damage depending on the degree of warpage and the fragility of the horn. This technique may not work for all items, but you may meet with success if you are willing to try it.

The first thing you need to do is soak the jewelry back in water for at least 24 hours. The moisture content needs to be increased again so that the jewelry can be reshapened. Once soaked, towel dry the jewelry and place in the middle of a heavy book. Much like pressing flowers, you now need to stack significant weight onto the book. It is suggested that the items stay pressed in the book for 2 to 4 weeks. The longer, the greater the chance of success. Shine and colour can be brought back into the jewelry once it has dried with a light coating of jojoba oil.

And there you have it. Repaired and reshapen ear gauges or other horn jewelry.
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Halloween is coming! Let’s look at some gauge styles befitting this holiday.

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Whether Halloween comes once a year to you or if it is your style all year long, Avaia Artistic Jewelry will have a style of gauges to match your personality or party.  Check out some of our favourites below.


Our HOWL style is hand carved out of organic water buffalo horn with bone dust inlay.

20101013_36Appropriately named “Hellbent” these were designed to be scary

tempestThe above style was name “Tempest” and could pair wonderfully with Halloween.

dragon2This dragon style is called “Scatha”

29343_551697611512554_1687915131_nAnd another dragon style called “Parthos”

woodowlAnd what about some OWLS?

barnowlThe above owl is called “labyrinth” after the barn owl in the movie.

Horn SagarisThe SAGARIS style has a medevil feel to it. We also have this style in bone, red sabo wood and black areng wood.


And DIABLOS named after the devil himself.


Also possibly an urge to Howl at the Moon.

But what ever you plan for Halloween or thereafter, check out the selection of gauges at Avaia Artistic Jewelry and let us make your day or every day awesome.

One of a kind SATIRE spiral ear gauges at Avaia Artistic Jewelry

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satire silverinlay2

At Avaia Artistic Jewelry we pride ourselves on being able to offer some unique, one of a kind designs to our customers.  The Satire style is hand carved out of organic buffalo horn with sterling silver inlay.  We specifically commissioned this design for Avaia and we don’t expect that you will find it anywhere else.  We are currently offering a special on this design – click here.  Once they are gone, we will not be getting more in stock.  Don’t pass up your chance to own one of our unique earring styles.  Available in 12g through 1/2″

New product – Amazing Tigris ear gauges – one of a kind organic tigers

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tigrisWe put our fair trade artisans in Indonesia hard at work to create these one of a kind ear gauges.  Whether you call them spacers, plugs, weights or stretchers, these will get attention!  Hand carved out of areng wood with bone inlay teeth and eyes, the amount of detail in these earrings is sure to impress.  The tiger is a symbol of strength and we have insured the detail in these will live up to the tiger’s reputation.  We will not be getting these back in stock.  Supply is limited so if you want something different from everyone else, now is the time.View item details at Avaia Artistic Jewelry

Ear Gauge Sizing Chart

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Our last post which included an ear gauge sizing chart was so popular, that we have decided to give you a different view that helps to determine gauge thickness.  In order for this chart to be accurate to your computer screen, you need to take a ruler to one of the sizes and adjust your monitor.  General increases can be observed without the ruler.  One thing people new to stretchng need to consider,  the larger the gauge size number, the smaller the gauge.  Most people start out stretching with a 12g or 10g.  The general understood point of no return is somewhere between a 2g and a 0g, but this varies greatly by individuals and anyone who stretches must be ready to live with the consequences.  Starting out stretching or looking to move up in a size?  Visit AVAIA ARTISTIC JEWELRY for the best selection of ear gauges.

Ear Gauge Sizing Chart


Ear Gauge Sizing Chart

Custom and one of a kind ear gauges – Artisans at their best!

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Not everyone wants the next fad design in jewelry.  Avaia Artistic Jewelry commissions original work, rare and detailed work, as well as custom designs for our customers.

Occasionally we get requests for custom designs.  Although we at Avaia Artistic Jewelry do not carve ourselves, our artisans in Indonesia are happy to help out with custom orders.   These orders typically take some time to complete, but they can be worth the wait!

We had a request for a tiger design in a hanging ear gauge.  Check out what our artisans could do for our customer!


We have also hosted a design contest for the last two years that lets our facebook fans choose the winner.  The winner receives a nice prize package in exchange for the use of his or her design.  Below you will see the design winners over the last three years.

2013 Design Winner

Calla Lilly in Horn


2012 Design Winner

Hanging Cat in Sabo Wood (not oiled in photograph)


Sometimes we, at Avaia Artistic Jewelry ,have a vision for a design that our carvers exquisitely capture.

Whale Song – an original design at Avaia


We can also commission work other than body jewelry.  These cute, little havanese dog pendants were the work of our artisans as a special commissioned project.


Avaia Artistic Jewelry – We know your generation

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We’ve spent some time highlighting some of our products. Check out our youtube advertisement then head on over for some window shopping and pre-holiday purchasing.


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